Tugboat Group is a full service branding & marketing products agency based in Vancouver, BC.

We develop authentic brands, engaging web applications & innovative digital e-commerce products but, most of all, we make our clients matter to those that matter most. 

Resolve to be Relevant™

To be Relevant is to Embrace Impermanence

Being relevant is not the same as being pertinent. Not the same as being related. Not the same as being similar, timely, appropriate, connected, suited, compatible, or fitting.

To be relevant is to embrace impermanence. To understand that the engine of relevance is change, and that keeping pace with change means keeping in front of it.

A relevant enterprise knows what a customer will want and presents it to them when they realize they need it, in the place where they come to that realization.

Welcome to the Relevant Enterprise. 

"Thank you for the fabulous job you did on our annual report. The Catroppa family was very appreciative and moved to tears when they saw it. One of the daughters said that “Words cannot express how I feel. The Annual Report is a beautiful tribute to our Mother….and all the women who have suffered and are still suffering.” Once again, our sincere thanks for your support. Please pass along our thanks to everyone who was involved in the project."

Sonya Boyce Executive Director of Surrey Woman's Centre

"Tugboat does everything we can’t do. As a fairly small organization in terms of staff, we don’t have the in-house expertise to create a beautiful brochure or a properly sized print ad, to make the training programs we offer more accessible on our website, or to lead our directors through a branding exercise they actually enjoy. When we need those skills, Tugboat is there, and we can get on with what we do best: supporting our association members."

Shelley McGuinness Communications Specialist of British Columbia Trucking Association

"Tugboat has enabled our brand to show on the outside how we are on the inside. Their branding process was very intentional and effective in defining our culture, both internally and externally. We’ve always been a great company and provided a great service – we just didn’t know how to explain it. Tugboat gave us our voice."

John Sherwood Chief Executive Officier of Classic LifeCare

"As a small charity maximizing our budget is critical. Along with creating materials that have been resounding well received by our stakeholders Tugboat recommended we undertake a Brand re-design to concretely define how Surrey Womens Centre is unique. Tugboats brand exercises led us to a new logo, tagline, and value pillars. SWC has used this foundational work to create fundraising & communication plans that operate in alignment. Our brand now speaks to our goal - to be leaders in our sector."

Corrine Arthur of Surrey Women's Centre

"Tugboat has been a pleasure to work with over several of our Annual Convention and Trade Shows. Their creativity, humor, and attention to detail are next to none! We would definitely recommend them for graphic design and branding."

Vanessa Sherry-Schwarz Manager, Communications | Gestionnaire, Communications of Canadian Produce Marketing Association
We’ve been fortunate to work with some remarkable brands.

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