Windset Farms

Aug 02, 2015

Your Friends in Freshness™ differentiates Windset Farms in a commodity market where buyers fill shelves by the pallet and consumers fill baskets by the pound.

The tagline and position was developed as part of a new brand architecture introduced to the market organically.

“Your Friends in Freshness” is not only a tagline but also an operating philosophy. Everything Windset Farms is and does centres on this notion. Making Friends in Freshness has become the singular mission of the company. Suppliers, employees, buyers, consumers, everyone else through the chain is considered a “Friend in Freshness.”

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It’s not just the Windset Farms brand that’s part of a lifestyle, it’s the flavour and performance profiles of the produce. Windset products are more than passive ingredients. There are dishes that cannot be truly replicated with anything other than Windset Farms products. Only Kraft Dinner is Kraft Dinner. To bring this freshness home, top chefs help develop innovative recipes that leverage the unique flavour and texture profiles of Windset Farms greenhouse produce. These recipes are popular with consumers and help retailers move product.

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Growing beautiful, premium produce is not enough. At retail, the product IS the package. While not yet the largest player, Windset Farms invested the resources required to develop custom packaging that showcased the product at the same time as protecting it and extending shelf-life. This award-winning packaging has been winning retailers for ease of merchandising, and consumers for ease of purchase and transport.

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Windset product packaging various tomato tomatoes cherry vine  peppers cucumbers

Tradeshows and events



At produce marketing trade shows, everyone there is selling the same thing. Produce. Very few of the exhibitors are selling their brand. By design, the Windset brand isn’t about commodity produce. It’s about the way they do business, the way they grow, the way they’re true Friends in Freshness™. Windset trades mountains of produce for mountains of personality and a booth experience that is optimized for engagement and making Friends.

For Windset it was essential to break out of the commodity mindset and engage produce buyers. At every show, Windset Farms has a buzz around a product sample. While other growers try to out-chef each other and position their booth as a lunch counter, Windset leverages the flavour profiles of their products into interesting taste deliveries to get buyers thinking about their products differently: from custom-made sorbets to flavoured macarons.

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Print Collateral




With the Windset's new brand position came requirements for materials that matched their growing reputation as a top producer of top quality greenhouse produce. The goal was to push Windset produce from a common commodity to a quality branded product that consumers demand. The need for a tight and together look and approach was identified and Tugboat went to work on unifying package design, trade collateral, point-of-purchase, web and consumer materials to create a consistent look and feel of quality, freshness and taste. Key to all of the current materials is the use of stellar product photography, both of the beautiful product in its natural state and in the inventive dishes of the Windset Executive Chefs.

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Facility Creative




Windset invested a lot of time in communicating the intangible aspects of its brand to customers and consumers. And just as much to onboard its workforce. From interior signage, to faciliy brand adornment, wayfinding and product promotion, we developed materials and coordinated installation for Windset's Delta head office and new greenhouse facility in Santa Maria, CA.

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