JInd Fruit Co.

Sep 05, 2017

If you're going to describe how something tastes, GO BIG!

That was the big thinking behind the bold and beautifully simple position of the Okanagan’s newest fruit grower/packer/shipper. JIND Fruit Co.™ is the classic story of the son who left the small town to seek his fortune in the world, returning with newfound wisdom and experience to take the helm of the family business. In just one year, JIND Fruit Co. had a brand, a tagline, an identity, four fruit sub-brands, a website and social media presence, packaging, labels, collateral and a pack shed sign that can be seen from the other end of Osoyoos Lake.

Brand ID



JIND™ Fruit Co. is a grower/packer in the Okanagan Valley. It’s not as much a new company as a reinvigorated third-generation family business who grows the sweetest fruit possible. JIND Fruit is What Summer Tastes Like™.

Tugboat was engaged to develop the brand architecture, personality, positioning, tagline and visual identity. To start. We followed-up with naming conventions and identity design of unique fruit variety sub-brands to further promote JIND Fruit products.

SubBrand Development




What Summer Tastes Like is right here, in every fruit JIND picks. The notion of summer is a seemingly endless well of product naming convention as well, with all manner of summertime occasions and passages waiting to be espoused. Summer Nights cherries are mysterious and sophisticated on the outside, super-sweet on the inside. They are that time of the day with the deep blues of twilight, and the reds of sailor's delight. Stars are just getting their twinkle on. Summer Love peaches are a day at the beach, holding hands at the fair, meeting that guy or girl at camp, water skiing or lunch on the front porch. They are the first kiss, the kiss goodbye, the kiss of the sun. Summer Fling is a collection of fruit that's grown in limited quantities or as experiments gone awesome. Grapes, apricots, plums and more can be Summer Flings but, like most memorable flings, they don't last and commitment is usually an issue. Summer Breeze apples come in as Mother Nature is telling you to put on a sweater if you go for ice cream after dinner. Time to close the cottage, get the kids ready to go back to school and host that last BBQ.




With a tagline like What Summer Tastes Like™, the stage was set for a suite of names for the company's products: Summer Love™ Peaches, Summer Breeze™ Apples, Summer Fling™ Select Fruit and Summer Nights™ Cherries. With the opportunity came a challenge - ensuring all packaging maintained the same family standard while expressing their own individual values. The work seeks to evoke the feeling of an Okanagan summer, the freedom, the anticipation, the romance.

Before consumers buy into the JIND Fruit Co.™ promise, buyers at the wholesale level need to believe that this company means business and that business is about premium-quality tree fruits. A brand doesn’t start and stop with a logo, it’s everywhere and everything. Including buyers guides. This new JIND Fruit Co.™ buyers bamboo binder was created to not only hold the JIND Fruit Co.™ buyers guide but all of their competitors’ loose sheets as well. One JIND Fruit Co.™-branded binder that can hold ALL competitive set materials. One binder on the buyer’s shelf. One go-to repository.

Events and Promotion



JIND Fruit Co. launched their Summer Breeze apples at Whistler's Cornucopia. JIND was an event sponsor and we activated pretty much anywhere they would let us. We were at the Chef Competition, the House Party, the Trade Tasting and both nights of Crush. We even managed to crash Masquerave.

The House Party, which took place on the first night of the festival, saw a run on our vegetarian creation on the Viking Stage. We were churning out apple-tizers as fast as we could plate them. Fresh-puffed papadum with pan-fried paneer, chana masala, custom Summer Breeze apple-tomato chutney topped with julienned Gala apple.

Sommelier Nessa van Bergen created unique pairings that matched different Summer Breeze apples to the most popular wines, mating the flavour profiles in ways that got attendees thinking differently about apples. Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a disc of Golden Delicious topped with Mission Fig and cilantro was one pairing and Pinot Gris, in a torrid ménage with a disc of Ambrosia embellished with lemon and toasted almonds was another. There was a secret pairing for those walking by with bubbly: McIntosh with dulce de leche and a pinch of sea salt.