GBCO Branding and Positioning

Nov 30, 2017

Galloway Botteselle & Company is resolute in providing insightful guidance and sound solutions for the long-term management of our clients’ financial concerns.

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Branding GBOC Logo and Identity design Installation

Brand Development


Accounting for what matters™ is the tagline for Galloway Botteselle & Company. Given the rise of limitless “business-related” information (Executive Coaching, TED Talks, SEO, SEM, data analytics, social media tips, etc.) it is easy for professionals to be click-baited away from matters that are actually important to the success of their business. By offering “Accounting for what matters” GBCo is speaking to the emotional (as well as practical) need of their clients—to clarify, prioritize, and deal with business matters in an orderly and effective manner.

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