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Jul 04, 2017
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Tradeshow - Organic


Trade show booth - the concept was to create fresh messaging for Taylor Farms’ organic practices. So many companies trumpet about what they don’t do, and very little about what they proactively do to be considered organic, beyond simply avoiding the use of pesticides. The leading message, therefore, is about the sustainable practices Taylor Farms “embraces” to go well beyond the letter of what’s required.

Product Showcase - Taylor Farms wanted to illustrate the ease of using their healthy juicing “kits”. Tugboat created an eye-catching display to convey a message of vitality and health, achievable with only a few key ingredients - TF’s Power Greens being, of course, the main requirement. Tugboat created colourful background graphics and used a lighthearted informal font to convey a vibrant message using printed callouts that highlighted the actual placed product and process.

Taylor Farms CPMA Organic Booth trade show design
Taylor Farms CPMA Organic Showcase trade show

CPMA HEB and United Fresh trade shows


HEB Trade show - The creative brief was to bring the “fresh from the field” experience into the booth, and specifically the technical features of TF’s custom-designed spinach harvester. Short of bringing the actual harvester into the event (we actually explored that possibility!), we decided to create a 3D “farm trailer” backed by a beautiful farm field vista, to present an engaging display of product, “fresh from the farm”. To address the specific advantages of the harvester, we created a “Did You Know?” museum-style system of large panels throughout the booth, with pertinent features highlighted in a fun and informative way.

Taylor Farms United Fresh Booth
TF HEB booth trade show experience design 3D
TF CPMA booth trade show experience 3D



Original photography of event-specific products, shipped to us (still fresh!) to be shot in their original packaging, as well as some plated & propped beauty shots, to be used for event collateral.

photography plated set up food styling trade show products

Chef Crafted microsite and digital ads


Taylor Farms' line of Chef Crafted salads needed a microsite that could be accessed through the main TF site, but function independently to introduce the product line, and intuitively lead the viewer to drill down to discover more about each salad’s unique blends, nutritional information, and dressing suggestions.A suite of digital ads built on the microsite's look with clean white backgrounds, simple messaging, and images presenting both the clear-packaged product, and the plated product, ready to eat. Simple. Clean.

Taylor Farms chef crafted WEb Banner
Chef crafted taylor farms microsite design web
Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Digital Ads