• Feb 28, 2017
  • IN Branding
  • BY: Steve Gallagher

When my son was a toddler, I bought a customized children’s book which I had to order by snailmail and then wait patiently for delivery. But imagine my son’s joy at being read a book where he and his cousins were the main characters! “Quentin” and Caepher” are not exactly your average Dick & Jane names, so this little customization option was actually a pretty big deal at the time. 


Now customization of almost anything you can think of is available online (whether you like chocolate, shoes, or the perfect suit), and with Amazon Prime, on your doorstep almost before you hit "send".  


Customization options may still be fairly limited, but it's interesting how satisfying it is to make an otherwise mass-produced item our own. We can even see this trend in local bespoke shops, micro-breweries and the like. People are no longer satisfied with "off the rack". Even in service industries, restaurants offer menu "add-ons", gyms offer "personal trainers", and don't get me started on the myriad of beverages available at a "coffee" house.


As businesses we need to respond to this expectation of "tailor-made" experiences. How do you implement customization in your own product or service? How do you make people feel that they are special, and that you are providing something they won't find elsewhere? 


At Tugboat, we adhere to the concept of "relevance" in everything we do. Of course we have systems in place to streamline work in progress once we have a direction, but as no two projects or clients are truly alike, we focus on developing a customized approach to isolate and promote what is inherently relevant and unique in every case.

We know you're not exactly like every other business. Why not have it your way?

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