Nuxalk Radio on air and on-line.

A Google search landed the leadership of Bella Coola's Nuxalk Radio (pronounced new-halk) on our new site.

Beginning with a new graphic identity and supported by a collection of signage and promotional materials, we have just delivered a tidy little package for the radio station of the Nuxalk Nation. The core deliverable was a responsive website that is built on a combination of open source web-streaming and air broadcasting technology.

The site launched si7mt (summer solstice) June 21.



The top features of the site:

Integration with the OpenBroadcaster API (broadcasting software) to pull in up-to-date schedule information.

Customized pop-out player for streaming audio and displaying current track information from OB.

Allowing program details on the site to be associated with scheduled show listings.

Responsive design includes considerations for navigation, schedule and a direct link to stream instead of pop-out player.

Hosts can update their own program pages.

It's the little things - content managers can set easily the focus on event/program images to guide the different crops used across the site.

You can listen live right now and take a look through the schedule, which features language lessons. The lessons are a vital link to nation members not only who live in Bella Coola but elsewhere in the world as Nuxalk is an endangered language with few remaining fluent speakers.

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