BEVO truck
December 15, 2022 Steve Gallagher
BEVO Hits the Road

When electric vehicle charging infrastructure startup NewCo (now Bevo) approached us to build their brand platform and devine their brand name we were juiced to get started. Working with multiple stakeholders, we guided the team through our structured approach for establishing the foundational values and pillars of the brand, vetting and qualifying all creative input along the way, ultimately removing subjective opinion from the process and arriving with consensus on a brand platform and promise that is right.

We unearthed the brand residing below the surface of the collective stakeholder vision for the company and its intangible product.

Bevo logo

Though presented out of order here, first came the brand platform, then the brand promise, then the brand tagline. For an electric contractor specializing in the development of electric vehicle charging stations, the double entendre Power Your Way™ embodies the brand's multidimensional promise perfectly. Interpreted graphically, it positions the company and brand as an approachable resource to design and install the solution to commercial and large scale electric vehicle charging infrastructure challenges.

With the tagline in place, a brand promise bolted down, and a clear articulation of the brand platform up on the hoist, we then went to work on the name. The brief called for positioning and naming that would sail through North American registration and trademarking requirements unimpeded. Which is a tall order. Good thing that's what we do. After several rounds at the whiteboards (and altar), Bevo Energy Systems was powered up.

Power Your Way taglineBevo E icon

Because Battery Electric Vehicles contain batteries (did you notice that acronym?), the stylistic inclusion of the schematic symbol for a battery (the E above) came naturally. Even for those not recognizing the symbol (know you know). The stylized E is strong enough to stand on its own and can effectively ground or introduce the identity in all manner of collateral executions.


Bevo identity on ball cap


Bevo Energy Systems brand merch is not available just yet, but we have our orders in!