Big Marble Trade Show Booth
January 14, 2023 Steve Gallagher
Big Marble Farms, CPMA Montréal

At Tugboat Group, we're not just any design agency - we're the team behind the entire Big Marble Farms brand. We worked with ownership to establish the brand platform and the name, then we developed the identity and positioning, followed a comprehensive packaging program, a dynamic website and intranet, large format facility graphics, marketing collateral, and so much more. Naturally, when it came time to imagine the brand headlining an old school, reflective trade show exhibit, we had all of our creative horsepower in full gear, ready to make the creative stand out among the acres of backlit, tension fabric, resplendent sameness on the trade show floor.

With our wealth of experience in brand and exhibit design, we knew that we had to work with everything the booth's hardware had to give us, and create a design that was not only visually stunning but also drew people in. We started by honing in on the brand pillars we wrote that make Big Marble Farms unique, then built on the company's western Canadian focus as the key differentiator.


big marble farms CPMA booth


Maximize the potential of your existing hardware with creative design.


Using this as our foundation, we created bold graphics that would pop off the reflective printed surfaces of the booth. We played with contrasting colors and intricate designs to create a visually immersive environment that would catch people's attention from across the room.


big marble farms CPMA booth renderings


But creating a successful trade show booth goes beyond just visually striking displays. We had to ensure that the booth was inviting and engaging for attendees, and that meant considering the user experience. We leveraged Big Marble Farms' highly differentiating brand position to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience.


big marble farms CPMA booth inside


We integrated the brand's messaging throughout the booth to transport attendees into the heart of the company, giving them a chance to interact with the brand on a personal level. From the moment attendees walked into the booth, they were surrounded by the brand's messaging and felt like they were a part of the company.


Create a memorable brand experience that transports attendees into the heart of your company.


big marble farms CPMA booth front

big marble farms CPMA booth back


Designing a highly impactful trade show booth using old school booth display panels and hardware is a difficult task. But with our team's experience and creativity, we were able to turn this challenge into an opportunity. By leveraging the booth's existing hardware and focusing on Big Marble Farms' unique selling points, we created a visually striking and immersive environment that drew people in and delivered results. This project was a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness, and we're proud to have been a part of it from start to finish.