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October 13, 2021 Steve Gallagher
Certus Brand Name & Identity Development

We are Certus™

Latin for certainty, Certus is the name Tugboat Group brand strategists developed for Toho Technology's new food safety brand.

Certus has a clear purpose: to validate and protect food production beyond a shadow of a doubt. Companies and individuals depend on Certus for their health and survival. Certus provides definitive and timely test results that identify risk and empower people to take appropriate action. 

The Certus logo exemplifies “Precision” to a T. The central letter of our name, and initial letter of our parent company, is given an angled bottom edge—transforming what is typically a blunt object into an exact form—that echoes the profile of a precision-crafted tip of a Samurai sword. This striking point of difference draws the viewer’s attention to a specific location on the baseline of the wordmark.

Certis Logos


Certis Desk Design


Simplifying Food Safety™ is the tagline for Certus.

It is the simplest way to explain the intangible benefit of working with the Certus brand and products. They provide on-site testing and verification of food processing environments. Processed food producers are no longer at the mercy of third-party test facilities or obliged to make costly investments in elaborate lab equipment, staff and infrastructure that slows down their business. We allow companies to get ahead of potential problems, make informed decisions and take definitive action based on accurate and timely information—at the source. 


Simplifying Food Safety Graphic Tagline



Certis Color Palette