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March 24, 2023 Steve Gallagher
Champions of Change

The Surrey Women's Centre is a vital resource for women and girls in the Surrey area, providing support and services for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of gender-based violence. To continue providing these critical services, the centre relies on donations from the community.

Recently, the Centre partnered with Tugboat Group to develop a fundraising campaign that would raise awareness about the Centre's work and encourage donations. In concert with SWC stakeholders Tugboat Group developed a comprehensive strategy that included identifying target audiences, developing messaging that resonated with those audiences, and selecting the most effective channels for reaching them.


#let's advance equity


One of the key tactics that Tugboat Group used was to leverage the association of International Women's Day with the campaign. By aligning the fundraising effort with the event, the campaign gained traction among supporters and helped to raise awareness about the work that the Surrey Women's Centre does.

To serve as a central resource for the creative materials, Tugboat Group developed a visually stunning website that served as the campaign's hub, and developed compelling creative collateral that drove engagement and increased donations. The campaign also leaned on Tugboat's digital marketing team to amplify the message on social media and reach new audiences. This included e-marketing communications that were sent to the SWC community who had supported the Centre in past, and used dynamic data to personalize the messaging for each recipient.


Home page webpage


Throughout the campaign, Tugboat Group emphasized the power of community to effect change. They encouraged supporters to learn more about the survivor experiences supported by SWC, and to use the hashtag #Letsadvanceequity to spread the message on social media.

As the campaign continues, the Surrey Women's Centre and Tugboat Group are thrilled with the results so far. The support of the community has been overwhelming, and the team is confident that they will reach their fundraising goals.


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In addition to the success of the fundraising campaign, the Surrey Women's Centre recently held its Champions of Change awards presentation, honouring the brave women who share their stories and support the centre's cause. These awards serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting survivors of gender-based violence, and the critical role that the Surrey Women's Centre plays in our community.


Champions of Change award plaques


The success of the Surrey Women's Centre fundraising campaign is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and timely association. By aligning with International Women's Day, the campaign gained valuable exposure and helped to raise awareness about the important work of the Surrey Women's Centre. SWC's and Tugboat Group's effective strategy, tactics, and creative approach have resulted in a successful fundraising campaign and have helped to support survivors of gender-based violence in our community.