Paramount home and design website launch!
July 31, 2023 Jessica Peng
Design is Paramount

There’s an adage that asserts challenges breed innovation. This sentiment is echoed in every corner of Tugboat Group's workspace, but never has it been more evident than in our recent project for Paramount Home and Design. As Vancouver’s crown jewel in design concept furniture retailing, Paramount's new Richmond showroom stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication. Our task was monumental: infuse their online presence with the same elegance, all while navigating the nuances and constraints of the Shopify CMS platform.


Home page with catelog


What a great design challenge. Right from our initial discussions, we delved into the depths of both the Paramount brand ethos and the capabilities of Shopify. With every design meeting, we found ourselves grappling with a tantalizing challenge: could we make digital artistry functional? Shopify, robust and user-friendly as it is, comes with its unique set of limitations. We strived to bend those barriers and use them as tactics in creating experience differentiation.


Colour Palette for website

Paramount's brand isn't just about selling furniture; it’s an embodiment of an experience. To translate this tactile, luxurious sensation into a digital realm, our approach had to be multi-dimensional. 

We employed interactive prototyping as our cornerstone, visualizing every user interaction, and ensuring a fluidity reminiscent of walking through Paramount's physical showroom. It was iterative in approach, where each step was taken in tandem with Paramount's visionary leadership. Their insights into their clientele, a discerning demographic with a penchant for luxury, as well as the world of premium furniture brands, were invaluable.



The culmination of our efforts is a website that does more than just list products. It invites users into an immersive journey. Every image, every layout, and every piece of text mirrors the elegance Paramount stands for. More importantly, it seamlessly marries this luxury narrative with Shopify’s dynamic e-commerce capabilities. Without the e-commerce...for now.


Paramount webpages


Within the deep collection of Tugboat Group's interactive portfolio, the Paramount Home and Design project shines brightly. It's a testament to the synergy of creativity and technical expertise, a narrative of how collaboration can lead to digital brilliance. If you've yet to experience this blend of artistry and function, visit the Paramount Home and Design website today, and let us know what you think.

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