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May 2, 2022 Steve Gallagher
Dynamo Electric Brand Refresh

Year round farming in Canada consumes a lot of energy. To satisfy sustainability and carbon targets and remain renewable darlings in the market, many commercial greenhouse operators choose to produce the greenest energy they can to avoid drawing power from the grid. Options range from hydro electric, wind & solar, and gas fired generators, some of which draw fuel from their own reserves.

Dynamo Electric are the commercial experts in industrial power distribution and they have become the go-to resource for commercial agriculture in Alberta. To update the Dynamo Electric brand essence and positioning to reflect the company's focus and direction, ownership engaged Tugboat Group's brand strategy team for the task.

Following the brand architecture and positioning work, Tugboat created a graphic version of the new tagline, developed a new website and print brochure, and established a digital marketing program. The existing logo was retained with a few delicate nips and tucks.


Dynamo logo


Dynamo logo Typeface


Dynamo Electric strives to ensure that their partners and customers receive the direction, quality of service, and support they require to realize their full potential. They deliver scalable, integrated solutions that provide maximum service life in demanding industrial and growing situations.


Dynamo Electric is the responsive partner that leverages knowledge and ingenuity in the design and provision of electrical services and control systems necessary for a sustainability-conscious future.


Dynamo tagline Dynamo Electric Brand Essence


Dynamo tagline options Dynamo Electric Brand Essence