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March 7, 2023 Jessica Peng
The Only Sale

Welcome to the exciting world of The Only Sale by Paramount Home and Design, where luxury furniture meets incredible discounts. Once a year!

Tugboat Group is thrilled to have partnered with Paramount Home and Design to develop an eye catching graphic identity and digital marketing collateral suite that set the tone for this year's only clearance sale.


Paramount home furnishing store promotion 1


Our team was tasked with creating a buzz around the sale that catered to the high-income demographic that Paramount Home and Design serves. We rolled up our sleeves and dove right into the project, crafting a powerful graphic identity that reflected the luxurious and unique nature of the sale. From creating engaging digital ads to community engagement, our team went above and beyond to ensure that The Only Sale became an anticipated and much talked-about event.

Our creative team crafted a powerful and inviting graphic identity for Paramount Home and Design's The Only Sale, raising the bar significantly and setting a new standard for Paramount's brand and promotional collateral.


Paramount home furnishing store promotion 2


We conceived and created digital ads that were designed to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to visit Paramount's grand new Richmond showroom to take in sale. These ads were posted on Paramount Home and Design's social networks, generating an impressive level of interest and engagement. The ads showcased the exclusive discounts and the luxurious products available at The Only Sale, and the response was phenomenal!


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One of our key focus areas was Little Red Book, a popular social network used widely by the Chinese demographic in Greater Vancouver. We provided real-time translation services and conversed with potential customers, answering their queries and providing them with the information they needed to make informed purchasing decisions. This engagement helped to build a strong relationship between Paramount Home and Design and their Chinese customers and prospects, which ultimately led to a significant increase in sales.


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At Tugboat Group, we are passionate about delivering results that exceed our clients' expectations. We worked closely with the Paramount Home and Design team to ensure that every aspect of the sale was executed flawlessly, from the creative development to the community engagement. Our efforts paid off, with The Only Sale becoming an unmissable event that attracted customers from all over Greater Vancouver.


Only sale logo

The entire Tugboat team is proud to have been a part of The Only Sale by Paramount Home and Design. We provided a comprehensive suite of services, including creative development, digital marketing collateral, and community engagement, to ensure the sale was a tremendous success. The event generated impressive sales figures and cemented Paramount Home and Design's position as the leading luxury furniture retailer in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area.