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January 13, 2023 Steve Gallagher
SWC Annual Report 2022

The latest in a long line of annual reports designed for our great friends at Surrey Women's Centre is on the shelves. This latest publication marks the 30th anniversary of the Centre and the culmination of a years long merger of the SMART community program brand with the Surrey Women's Centre brand. This issue also marks a highpoint in the evolving collaborative nature of the Tugboat team's relationship with content creators at SWC. We now provide the publication's structure and content plan, along with a working dummy, at the launch of the project. Our strategists assist the Centre in establishing a roadmap for the development of the annual's theme and continuity plan. The process frees SWC from the mechanics of the communication plan, allowing them to contribute the little time they have for high level decisions, composition, review and approvals. And important feedback:

Another AMAZING annual report! Thank you so much for all your help with this one, Steve and Tugboat team! There is so much beautiful work here. It represents our efforts so well. Fantastic!

a open page for Surrey Women Centre annual report


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As is standard these modern times, a limited print run of the annual reports is complemented with a web version of the books. Tugboat designs and maintains all SWC web properties, and integrating the annual contents into the main website was part of the project plan. A simple landing page was created to contain introductions, data high points and messages from directors. New to the site this year, we installed a document flip book to allow desktop browsers a simulated printed book reading experience.


Open booklet for annual Report - snapshot to 2022


Open booklet for annual Report


This post contains just a small sample of the Surrey Women's Centre 2022 Annual Report content and creative. If you would like to flip through the full document you can do so HERE. After that, click around a bit and learn a little more about the necessary and incredibly important work the overrun team at SWC is doing. They are an amazing and inspiring organization who have our unwavering support and deep respect.