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January 3, 2023 Steve Gallagher
Unicore B2B Ads

Rx Networks, the dedicated North American distribution team for Unicore Communications, wished to connect with North American manufacturers and developers of highly reliable GNSS positioning products to promote the release of Unicore's next generation, high-precision GNSS modules and receivers via Unicore B2B Ads.

Working with Tugboat Group strategists and creatives, Rx Networks launched a B2B print and digital media campaign promoting the domestic availability of next generation GNSS hardware products for emerging autonomous and high precision positioning use cases. (This sounds a little complicated because these people are, literally, rocket scientists.)

With local inventory, dedicated sales and support expertise, and a highly regarded GNSS brand, Rx Networks is very well positioned to supply Unicore Communications high precision RTK chips, modules and boards to North American product managers, developers and distributors. (Boom!)

Industry specialty periodicals and trade show supplements carried full page ad creative, with web properties and e-communications delivering their digital counterparts. Google search ads and display ads were optimized for engineering demographics and technology localities, driving inbound leads to white paper and data sheet contact rewards. 

Two unicore.rx ads

Rx Networks is a key supplier of high accuracy services and assistance data to a growing list of GNSS hardware manufacturers. As high precision GNSS becomes ubiquitous, those seeking precise positioning solutions can now have Unicore GNSS Hardware enlightened with Rx Networks data services.

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The Rx Networks Unicore Communications promotional campaign was extremely successful in positioning Rx Networks as the go-to supplier of high quality GNSS modules and receivers for the North American market. With further product miniaturization coupled with added performance, features and functionality, Unicore GNSS technology is well suited for all precision GNSS applications.