JRoss Recruiters exemplify Leadership. They take a long-term position on talent—investing time and energy to build enduring relationships rather than cashing in on short-term transactions. They embrace industry-specific leadership opportunities (participating in panel discussions, sitting on governing boards, sponsoring scholarships, etc.) that further enhance their position as subject matter experts. They attract like-minded clients and candidates who are leaders in their own right.

In preparation for an ambitious trade show commitment, Associated Labels and Packaging engaged Tugboat Group to ensure that the organization's brand and marketing communications program was sharp and on point, and relevant to a burgeoning packaging market.

County Fresh Greenhouses Ltd. engaged Tugboat Group for the development of a new brand and name to support ownership's vision of a year-round greenhouse farming operation in Canada.

For County Fresh Farms, growing premium local produce is a big deal. They needed a name and position that communicated both hard and soft consumer benefits, including year-round availability of locally-grown fresh produce, joyful vitality, continual improvement, and the pursuit of excellence.