At produce marketing trade shows, everyone there is selling the same thing. Produce. Very few of the exhibitors are selling their brand. By design, the Windset brand isn’t about commodity produce. It’s about the way they do business, the way they grow, the way they’re true Friends in Freshness™. Windset trades mountains of produce for mountains of personality and a booth experience that is optimized for engagement and making Friends.

For Windset it was essential to break out of the commodity mindset and engage produce buyers. At every show, Windset Farms has a buzz around a product sample. While other growers try to out-chef each other and position their booth as a lunch counter, Windset leverages the flavour profiles of their products into interesting taste deliveries to get buyers thinking about their products differently: from custom-made sorbets to flavoured macarons.

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Windset Farms

Your Friends in Freshness™ differentiates Windset Farms in a commodity market where buyers fill shelves by the pallet and consumers fill baskets by the pound.

The tagline and position was developed as part of a new brand architecture introduced to the market organically.