With the Windset's new brand position came requirements for materials that matched their growing reputation as a top producer of top quality greenhouse produce. The goal was to push Windset produce from a common commodity to a quality branded product that consumers demand. The need for a tight and together look and approach was identified and Tugboat went to work on unifying package design, trade collateral, point-of-purchase, web and consumer materials to create a consistent look and feel of quality, freshness and taste. Key to all of the current materials is the use of stellar product photography, both of the beautiful product in its natural state and in the inventive dishes of the Windset Executive Chefs.

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Windset Farms

Your Friends in Freshness™ differentiates Windset Farms in a commodity market where buyers fill shelves by the pallet and consumers fill baskets by the pound.

The tagline and position was developed as part of a new brand architecture introduced to the market organically.