What Summer Tastes Like is right here, in every fruit JIND picks. The notion of summer is a seemingly endless well of product naming convention as well, with all manner of summertime occasions and passages waiting to be espoused. Summer Nights cherries are mysterious and sophisticated on the outside, super-sweet on the inside. They are that time of the day with the deep blues of twilight, and the reds of sailor's delight. Stars are just getting their twinkle on. Summer Love peaches are a day at the beach, holding hands at the fair, meeting that guy or girl at camp, water skiing or lunch on the front porch. They are the first kiss, the kiss goodbye, the kiss of the sun. Summer Fling is a collection of fruit that's grown in limited quantities or as experiments gone awesome. Grapes, apricots, plums and more can be Summer Flings but, like most memorable flings, they don't last and commitment is usually an issue. Summer Breeze apples come in as Mother Nature is telling you to put on a sweater if you go for ice cream after dinner. Time to close the cottage, get the kids ready to go back to school and host that last BBQ.

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