With a tagline like What Summer Tastes Like™, the stage was set for a suite of names for the company's products: Summer Love™ Peaches, Summer Breeze™ Apples, Summer Fling™ Select Fruit and Summer Nights™ Cherries. With the opportunity came a challenge - ensuring all packaging maintained the same family standard while expressing their own individual values. The work seeks to evoke the feeling of an Okanagan summer, the freedom, the anticipation, the romance.

Before consumers buy into the JIND Fruit Co.™ promise, buyers at the wholesale level need to believe that this company means business and that business is about premium-quality tree fruits. A brand doesn’t start and stop with a logo, it’s everywhere and everything. Including buyers guides. This new JIND Fruit Co.™ buyers bamboo binder was created to not only hold the JIND Fruit Co.™ buyers guide but all of their competitors’ loose sheets as well. One JIND Fruit Co.™-branded binder that can hold ALL competitive set materials. One binder on the buyer’s shelf. One go-to repository.

JInd Fruit Co.

If you're going to describe how something tastes, GO BIG!