Classic promotional items on the other hand, have no mention of the company, no logo, no URL. Round Post-it pads, message pads and other items bear only the elements of the logo, the moment orbs depicted in the tree. This makes it easy for health care professionals to use the items without appearing to show favour for the company. Combined with deliveries of colourful M&M candies (moments, get it?) and other materials, there is no mistaking whose promotional items these are.

Classic LifeCare

Formerly Classic Caregivers, Classic LifeCare™ has a refreshed brand that equips them to take on the new realities of a changed homecare marketplace full of lower-end franchise operators and well-meaning people with business licenses.

The new name and tagline, Live in the Moments that Matter™, distinguish the company’s values and renew focus on what they do best – help clients live life on their own terms.