Designing a packaging system that establishes 4 product categories while maintaining the master brand is no easy task. Conventional, Organic, Premium and Value lines were created for the Thomas Fresh suite of products ranging from legumes to tropical specialties. Colour, style and texture played key roles in creating the bandwidth needed to differentiate between products in category. The result on product shelves carrying the suite of any one category is a colourful and consitent pick me display that owns the aisle.

Thomas Fresh

When a handshake is as good as a contract and you work, live and breathe your word, your business is sitting on fertile ground for growth. Staff, client partners and growers tend to stick around, and the task of making new friends takes care of itself.

New CEO, new direction, new brand. Grown in Trust™ establishes the expanding western canadian grower/marketer with a position and tagline that checks all the boxes: it's ownable, unique and as genuine as they come.